Karmic City is inspired by a commitment to empower, heal and transform lives through knowledge.

This wisdom has flowed through me in the depths of meditation, whilst invoking powerful Reiki symbols. As a Reiki Grandmaster (2001), I am committed to healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

These joyous profound experiences form the contents of the trilogy series of Karmic City. Every time I wrote, knowledge has gently cascaded upon me spreading harmony, peace and bliss.

As a Light worker and spiritual seeker, I am committed to spreading healing vibrations of love, peace, harmony, bliss and gratitude.

I am always in gratitude to the Universe for showering me with so many opportunities to follow my evolutionary journey; to spread the messages that I receive for the benefit of human evolution.


The City Of Lord Brahma
The City Of Lord Vishnu
The City Of Lord Shiva